Monday, October 31, 2011

Hello All!

I'm a little new at this whole blogging thing so you're going to have to bear with me. I wanted to create this blog as a way to both chronicle my knitting adventures - including opening an Etsy shop - and to share with you all the many wonders and oddities of the knitting world.

To this end I've set up a schedule of my blog posts. Mondays will be all about what I'm currently working on  - and how many times its caused me to pull out my hair. Wednesdays will focus on a top five list related to knitting - favorite knitting magazines, favorite and least favorite yarn to work with, weirdest patterns, etc. And Fridays will feature something me writing/ranting about something neat/interesting/odd/disturbing I've found out in the knit-verse.

So hopefully you all are still with me and will check in again with me on Wednesday!

Casting off--


1 comment:

  1. Great looking blog! I'm glad you started this- looking forward to some terrific posts. ( I'm on row 26 now :) of the socks I've been knitting for 4 yrs). If I do a row a week they might be finished by next year