Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Top Five Weird Halloween Patterns

In honor of this week's holiday (so I'm a bit behind - sue me) I've decided to post some of the oddest - and kinda creepy - Halloween knitting patterns I could find. Now, this is not to say these patterns are well made nor that those who made these items aren't incredibly talented - only that I think these are weird things to create a pattern for and then knit. This list isn't really in any order, just placed at my whim. Enjoy!

  • Candy Corn Amigurumi

First up are these two patterns are for amigurumi candy corn. Now aside from the fact that I've never really found or seen the appeal in amigurumi, these seem especially odd to me - and somewhat cruel. I mean, larger than life candy you can't eat? Heartless!!

  • Creepy Knitted Pumpkin

It may be somewhat hypocritical of me, but I can see the value of knitting pumpkins. For me, I always thought the whole carving pumpkins thing was kinda gross - with very little satisfaction at the end. While my Dad could always carve masterpieces worthy of magazine covers, my pumpkins always looked like a two-year-old with a hacksaw carved it - and that's being generous. So, while I see the value of knitting carved pumpkins, this one creeps me out - and not in the good Halloween way. I'm not sure if it’s the legs and arms or the googly eyes, but I'm not a fan

  • Pumpkin Toilet Paper Cozy
I'm not sure if this counts as Halloween or Autumn, but I'm the writer here, so I'm saying it's Halloween. And to me, Toilet Paper Cozies are a lot like Amigurumi - I fail to see the point. Just put your toilet paper under the sink like everyone else! Putting a pumpkin, or whatever else, does not suddenly make TP cute - just creepy.

  • Knitted Baby Costumes
Alright, I'll admit these things are cute, just like most things for babies.  But it seems like a lot of work for one night's worth of gratification that the kid won't even appreciate - especially when you pull out the pictures to show the first (and last) date they bring home. There are many (MANY) of these costumes out there, but these are two of the most time consuming I found. I mean really - just knit the kid a pair of cat ears and be done with it.

  • Knitted Pet Costumes
While knitted baby costumes are cute, these things are just sad. Knitting a sweater for your pets is one thing, but a whole Halloween costume? Does anything else scream "crazy cat lady" more?

Now that you've heard my take, tell me - what do you think are the weirdest/oddest Halloween patterns?

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  1. I still don't understand the idea of a toilet paper cozy...I mean...isn't it unsanitary? I won't go into the details, but I saw a commercial on Hulu and almost died laughing because Cottonelle is advertising a TP holder/box thingy that you have to pull the toilet paper out of...and then put back...presumably after you've washed your hands.

    No Knitting in the Bathroom!!