Friday, November 4, 2011

YouTube Knitting Videos

As my bookshelves at home will attest to, I have a weakness for knitting books (well, all books really). Good or bad, new or old, I don't really care. I love reading new patterns and finding new techniques or just seeing what other people design. But, there is a major drawback to knitting books - they're all two dimensional. I almost always find it nearly impossible to learn how to do a new stitch or a difficult bind-off through a flat drawing/picture on a page. Despair!

But fear not! This is where the magic of the Internet comes to the rescue. Little known fact: YouTube is good for something other than watching cats and stupid guys. Its also good for learning new knitting techniques! Need to learn how to do a perfect mattress stitch? Stumped by a picot bind off? Just do a quick YouTube search and all of your problems will disappear - well the knitting ones anyway.

Mattress Stitch:

Picot Bind-Off:

What was your best tool for learning a new stitch or technique?

Casting Off -


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